How To Avoid Premature Ejaculation

One thing I must advise you is not to try thinking about grandma. I know it is a common premature ejaculation technique that guys use not to come over the edge. But I think that grandma or dead dogs or whatever you might have tried, generally doesn’t work.  And the worst thing is that it actually destroys this connection between you and your partner. So she will know that you have disappeared somewhere. So you don’t need to do that.


Some other things that you can do is to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles. Now these are the muscles if you mention that you are trying to stop urinating, you squeeze them. As you get close to that point, you can use  the squeeze to keep yourself a little bit more under control. Let’s just practice those for a moment, alright? So just squeeze and relax, and squeeze and relax, squeeze, squeeze more, squeeze a little bit more and relax. The more you practice those types of pelvic floor exercises, the better control you will have over your ejaculation.


Another point is to breathe well. If you breathe deeply and slowly, as your arousal flows, you will be able to keep it under control. If you allow yourself to start breathing hard and fast, you may lose it. So just keep your breathing quite slow and quite regular.

Also, focus on your whole bodies. A lot of men are very penis focused. It is a wonderful organ, but there is a lot more involved than just a penis. Be aware as the whole of your body from your toes to your fingertips, to the top of your head. That will help reduce the intensity of the feeling and bring an end to your whole body. And the same with your partner. Be aware of her whole body, not just her genitals.