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What Is the Cure of Penis Curvature?

There are several treatments for penis curvature, also known as Peyronie’s disease. They are natural, pharmaceutical, and surgical procedures.

Natural treatments

Traction-based extenders are considered to be one of the best, non-pharmaceutical treatment methods for penis curvature. Also known as penile traction therapy, the effectiveness of extenders have been supported by many studies. This non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical method generates progressive mechanical traction in order to cure the curvature as well as lengthen the penis.

Typically, penis extenders consist of two dynamic rods, a silicone band, and a plastic support ring. The penis is held in the extender’s cradle and then subjected to gentle, progressive traction as the extensions are made of the rods. This treatment can take weeks.

Pharmaceutical treatments

There are several pharmaceutical treatment options for penis curvature. Keep in mind that there is only one that has been approved by the FDA. That is, Xiaflex.

Xiaflex is initially approved for use for Duputren’s contracture. The drug is made from the protein of collagenase clostridial histolyticum. Pharmaceutical treatment involves injecting Xiaflex into the penis. This is done to break up the collagens, which cause the curvature.

Other pharmaceutical options do exist and have been used by physicians. However, they are not approved by the FDA. These pharmaceutical options include:

  • Verapamil

The injections of Verapamil may be made into the fibrous scar tissue.

  • Potaba

Potaba is an oral prescription drug. It is sometimes prescribed as it helps to break up the plaque.

  • Corticosteroid

The injections of corticosteroid may be made into the fibrous scar tissue.

Other therapy

There is another, not well-known, treatment for penis curvature. That is radiation therapy and shockwave lithotripsy. It is done in order to break up the plaque which causes the penis curvature. This treatment, however, often it is not successful. For men who can’t have sex due to their penis curvature, surgical treatment is often considered.

Surgical treatments

Last but not least, the surgical procedures. Surgical treatment is the most invasive treatment option to treat penis curvature. Typically, this method is considered only when penetrative sex is not possible because of the curvature. There are 3 types of surgery treatments commonly used to treat penis curvature.

  • Nesbit operation

In this operation, the corpora carvenosa along with the attached plaque is exposed. Then, an incision is made around the glans, or the head of the penis and the skin is pulled back. An erection is then created artificially with a saline solution. Finally, ‘tucks’ are made in the tissue opposite the curvature. Thus, pulling the penis straight.

  • Lue operation

Similar to the Nesbit operation, the skin of the penis is pulled back from the shaft. After that, an incision around the glans or the head of the penis. An erection is then created artificially. In this operation, ‘tucks’ are also made. However, in addition to that, another separate incision is also made in front of the ankle bone of the patient. This is done to retrieve a vein to be grafted to the area.