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DARLENE MCCORD – As a senior researcher, founder and president of McCord Research, Dr. Darlene McCord delivers a superb combination of scientific knowhow and experience to the company. Darlene McCord’s strong leadership won the organizaiton worldwide recognition in the OTC Drug and Medical Device categories. Darlene MCord specializes in corneotherapy, concentrating on the transport of minute molecules across the stratum corneum. She has perfromed extensive research on treatment of skin disorders associated with distressed and wounded skin. Darlene McCord has published many books and articles on subjects related to immunodermatology and corneotherapy.

Dr. Darlene McCord is also well known for her work, as a biochemist, in skin and wound care scientific fields. She holds two patents and six medical devices in this scientific field. Darlene McCord has an extensive line of skin health products which are sold throughout the entire world. Dr. Darlene McCord’s most recent success in the skin and wound care product field is the Remedy brand. The Remedy brand lind is distributed by Medline Industries and it is based on a proprietary blend of small molecules called Olivamine™ that provide corneotherapeutic support for diseased skin. Previously,Darlene McCord created the Restore product line for Hollister and the Cavalon line for 3M. Darlene McCord is currently working closely with the University of Iowa on skin care compounds and products that may reverse early stages of necrosis and that can activate GO quiescent cells in the chronic wound environments.

Darlene McCord was awarded her first U.S. Patent in 1993. The awarded patent and the products that followed were quickly licensed to the top national and international wound care and skin care companies. Darlene McCord’s second patent was awarded in 1997 and licensed immediately. The products became some of the most important in the wound care industry. The patent relies on a model of fetal in-utero wound healing. The implications for healing wounds in adults is profound. Darlene McCord is actively pursing her interests in barrier repair systems, skin repair systems, diabetes, and caner.

Darlene McCord’s work has received international recognition in the scientific field of skin and wound repair. Dr. Darlen McCord believes in improving the quality of life for people in every country of the world.

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